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The restaurant has undergone many transformations. It has now returned to its roots. Serves Polish cuisine and cuisine of pre-war Wroclaw. The inspiration was the books of well-known Wroclaw writer Marek Krajewski. His main character Eberhard Mock was a pre-war policeman and a lover of Wroclaw cuisine. We are also looking for inspiration in the book “Kuchnia Wrocławia” (eng. Cuisine of Wroclaw) by Grzegorz Sobel – a historian from the University of Wroclaw who studies the culinary customs of pre-war Wroclaw residents.






of Wrocławska

Our speciality is Bigos Wroclawski and the famous “Silesian Sky” with Wroclaw dumplings. You have to remember that “pierogi ruskie” first appeared in the vicinity of Wroclaw. They are a modification of the Ukrainian “pielmieni”. They came together with the repatriates from the east after the war. Our “pierogi” already have their regular devotees. Recently, we added “pierogi” with duck and spinach to the menu. The duck in pre-war Wroclaw was eaten in many ways. Our speciality is also the Żurek soup that came to Wrocław like “pierogi ruskie”. Our Żurek is unique, made according to the old recipe and served in bread.







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When you visit our restaurant, you will try many products from Lower Silesia. Wine from Trzebnica or beer from local breweries, we also serve Wrocław vodka.

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